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John E. Mitchell

Website set up in March 2024 from a prior version on a different host. Broken links will be slowly fixed...

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


email: mitchj at
Interests: Mathematical programming, optimization.
Office: Amos Eaton 325 (campus maps).
Phone: (518) 276-6915
Fax: (518) 276-4824

My official RPI webpage.

My schedule, including office hours.

You can get my snail mail address and some other background information on me, including a brief description of my Research Interests.

I have a list of my recent publications; many of them can be downloaded. Many of the papers are in the area of interior point methods for linear and convex programming, with particular emphasis on using these methods in column generation and cutting plane algorithms. Such techniques can be used to solve, for example, integer programming problems, stochastic programming problems and multicommodity flow problems.

google scholar | ORCID | Scopus | arXiv | Optimization Online

I have set up web pages for any course I've taught in the last few years. You can download course outlines, homeworks, exams, and other materials from these pages.

There are several optimization packages available on RCS at Rensselaer, including AMPL, CPLEX, and MINTO. You can find links to the homepages for these packages and also information on using them at Rensselaer.

My research is part of the larger field of Operations Research. I have a list of selected OR sites, including links to general resources, conference homepages, various areas of operations research, colleagues, professional organizations, and book and journal publishers.

Do you know my former students Brian Borchers, Zhao-Yang Cheng, Srini Ramaswamy, Bob Rush, Steve Braun, Kartik Krishnan, Luc Basescu, Xiaoyun Ji, Kris Farwell, Jinye Zhao, Chaoxiong Wang, Jing Hu, Daryn Ramsden, Bin Yu, Erik Hammel, Lijie Bai, Tim Lee, Amy Givler, Xin Shen, Emily Heath or Dan Lu? (Some of their theses are available.) How about my current students April Sagan, Hannah Horner (co-advised with Jennifer Pazour), Dan Kosmas (co-advised with Tom Sharkey), Jun Tan, She'ifa Punla-Green, and Jesica Bauer? My Ph.D. Advisor, Mike Todd?

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